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Meet the Team

Terry Cox Owner
Picture of Terry Cox
My name is Terry Cox and I started Bay Area in 1999 when I saw the need for a professional property management company offering association management. I have been in the Real Estate business since 1985 as the owner of one of the largest Real Estate brokerage firms on Padre Island, CBIR. I believe that a successful company starts with a professional management team which is why I have chosen the team below.
Contact me anytime at (361) 949-7077 or by email at terry@cbir.com.
Christi Knoll Broker
Picture of Christi Knoll
Hi, my name is Christi Knoll and I am the Broker at Bay Area Rental Management. I’ve been licensed since 1995 at which time I started at CBIR. In 1999, Terry Cox and I opened Bay Area Rental Management and I have been part of the management team ever since. I oversee our HOA Department and believe that a hands-on management style produces the best results.
Feel free to contact me anytime at (361) 949-2131 or by email at hoa@rentpadreisland.com.
Mary Lou Herrera Property Manager
Picture of Mary Lou Herrera
Hi, I’m Mary Lou Herrera and I am a Property Manager for Bay Area Rental Management. I’ve been licensed since 2008. I will be there from start to finish including promoting your property, screening tenants, drawing up leases, coordinating repairs and conducting quarterly inspections. It’s my priority to get your property back on the market after move out and to generate you income. My goal is to build trust with our owners and tenants that will carry on for years to come.
Give me a call anytime at (361) 949-2131 or email me at marylou@rentpadreisland.com.
Ashli McKenna Property Manager
Picture of Ashli McKenna
Hi, I am Ashli McKenna and I am a new Property Manager at Bay Area Rental Management. I moved from the HOA department to long term rentals once I received my real estate license in August of 2017. I am your partner starting with advertising & promoting your property. We qualify and screen all tenants, draw up the leases, coordinate repairs and conduct quarterly inspections, all the way through move out. Upon move out, we inspect and make any necessary repairs in order to get your property back on the market and generating you income as soon as possible. Protecting your investment is our main goal.
Feel free to contact me at (361) 949-2131 or email me at ashli@rentpadreisland.com.
Callie Tyson HOA Manager
Picture of Callie Tyson
Hi, I’m Callie Tyson. I am the HOA Manager. I work very closely with the board of directors and our homeowners of all of our associations. I handle repairs and meet with vendors and contractors for our associations. I’m on property every week conducting inspections so that I’m on top of what’s happening at our associations.
Feel free to contact me at (361) 949-2131 or email me at callie@rentpadreisland.com.
Misty Cox Administrative Assistant
Picture of Misty Cox
Hi, I’m Misty Cox. I specialize in bylaws and declarations research for all our associations and provide administrative support including assisting with insurance. If you need copies of insurance policies or have questions about insurance or bylaws/declarations, please call me at (361) 949-2131 or email me at hoa@rentpadreisland.com.
Kayla Havelka Bookkeeper
Picture of Kayla Havelka
I’m Kayla Havelka and I’m the bookkeeper for Bay Area Rental Management. I handle the financial aspect of all of our associations, including, sending out monthly statements to owners, receiving payments from owners, paying bills, reconciling bank accounts, and preparing the financial statements for the Board of Directors and the owners.
If you have any questions, please call me at (361) 949-2131 or email me at accounting@rentpadreisland.com.
Charlie Knoll Broker
Picture of Charlie Knoll
Hi, I am Charlie Knoll and I’ve been licensed since 2002 at which time I joined CBIR and Bay Area Rental Management. As a Real Estate Broker, I bring nearly 15 years of real estate experience to our team and a vast knowledge of our market. I believe the success of a good association management company is all about strong communication, honesty and hard work, and a dedicated, accessible team.
Feel free to give me a call anytime at (361) 949-7077 or email me at charlie@cbir.com.